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 Wow! It's been a long time since I'm now writing back to this story. Anyway, I'm sorry for the long wait, but I hope it was worth it to all of you! As of now, I've made a new list of reader inserts to tackle on one by one so hopefully with this one, it'll help steady the flow of requests and other ones I plan to again, it might take a while to get back to this one but I'll try...

 NOTE: If you want to see how the blades looked, look into the description as to what they "possibly" might look like. This is just my interpretation for them in case any of you have a hard time picturing one. They can be any form you'll like and also any color so feel free to interpret them or use the one I came up with...

 Kill la Kill (c) Trigger
 All characters not associated with Kill la Kill (c) me
 You (c) yourself

 Chapter 8: Training Is Harder Than You Thought

 (Y/n) stared down at the swords. The swords reflected back to him, their gleam glowing in his eyes. He sighed as he flicked them around, minimizing them to two thread needles, looped together by a thread. A trick taught by Rinkoa. He put them in his pocket and began to walk to school. He met up with Hirako and Kauriya at the tram.

 As the tram headed up the pathway, he couldn't help but think about the swords and most importantly, about the Kamui Satsuki had. There was something about it. It looked so similar to Senketsu. What was with the school and their uniforms? Almost everyone had them. Even the lower students had a uniform, just with no power.

 Those eyes though from his dream...the (f/c) eyes that stared back at him. (a/n): yeah the eyes changed too.

They were so similar can't be.

 He immediately clutched onto his clothes, afraid to know the real truth.

 Am I really wearing one? he thought. All this time I've just been hiding it...but how? How can I have a Kamui? With all the clothes I wear...which one can it be for sure be the right one? It doesn't make any sense. Upon me healing so fast and that "blackout" of them has to be it...that probably explains why some days I don't feel it...right?

He glanced at his pocket with the swords.

 And these swords...don't know why but I have a funny feeling there's something about Rinkoa and Seriko...or I'm just getting really jumpy...

 "Hey, (y/n), are you ok?"

 (Y/n) turned his head to see Hirako tugging on his sleeve, looking a bit worried. "You look constipated."

 He flushed upon hearing that. "What?! No! What made you think that?"

 "Well, for one, you're darting off into space like you're in another world. Second, your face morphed a bit like you couldn't hold it in any longer and now you're regretting it because you know the minute you try to go..."

 "Eww! Hirako, you're gross!" Kauriya yelped, wrinkling her nose.

 (Y/n) shook his head and laughed upon her frowning at her brother.

 They arrived to the front of the school with seeing everyone chatter around, talking about all sorts of things. When he got to his homeroom, there were students crowding about the bulletin.

 "What's going on?" (y/n) asked one of the students.

 "It's the Annual Natural Elections coming up," one of the students said. "It's where Satsuki gives out Goku uniforms to those who earn it. The battle royale lasts for seven days. By the seventh day, there's a king of the hill match upon which where there, you can get your Goku uniform. That is, if you survive the battles with the Elite Four and the others."

 "Sheesh, talk about competition," (y/n) said, rubbing the back of his head. "School's going to be a warzone by that week."

 "And we'll be in our homes as usual," Hirako said. "As much as it'll be sweet to get a Goku uniform, there's no way I'm going to get pounded on for obtaining it."

 "Well, that's the whole purpose," Kauriya argued. "You've prove your worth by fighting off whoever comes at you. Then, when you defeat the Elite Four and the others, you've proven your loyalty to Satsuki and gain the uniform. She's never been the type to do a written test or something."

 "And there's this stupid piece of paper here," another student said. "I don't know what it's for but they written not for it to pull it down."

 (Y/n)'s mind reflected back to what Satsuki said. If you accept, there will be a paper waiting for you to check on your homeroom's bulletin board.

He grimaced, unsure whether to sign it or not. I still have a couple of days to consider it perhaps.

 He walked over to his seat and sat down. As the students also prepared to sit, he spied Ryuko come in with Mako. He waved at her.

 At first, Ryuko paused a bit but then smiled and sat in her chair.

 "Hey, mind if I ask you what happened when we were facing that Mohawk guy," (y/n) asked. "All I remember is he was trying to take Senketsu away from you again..."

 Ryuko thought a bit before answering. "Well, you went into this 'berserk' mode and passed out...I'm not sure how that happened but...thanks though for helping out."

 (Y/n) nodded but frowned. "Berserk mode? Like...I just went wild and started attacking?"

 "I'm not sure. It was sort of strange. Like you were there for a minute and then you...changed."

 "How? Like crazy fighting or a whole new me?"

 Before Ryuko could answer, Mr. Mikisugi marched in through the door, looking about as tired and as lazy as he was ever.

 "All right class," he said, putting his books down. "Today's lecture is all about Chapter 5 so I hoped you all read the pages as I'm about to review..."

 (Y/n) looked around to see everyone fall back into their positions. It was the typical routine. Half of the kids (especially Mako) would fall asleep, Ryuko would slouch over her seat, bored and he would only every now and then hear on the lecture but otherwise than that, he joined Mako in taking a little nap.

 He felt a light tap on his shoulder as he looked up to see Ryuko nudge it.

 "Hey, did you see the post?" she asked, pointing to the bulletin board. It was directed at the Annual Natural Election paper.

 "Yeah," (y/n) said. "Looks like she's really going to step up her game with you. I think you'll be able to make it but something's telling me there's going to be a surprise at the end..."

 "Well, it's not going to be a couple of days until it arrives," Ryuko agreed. "I was wondering if maybe you want to train today. Practice up a bit of skills to see if there's anything need to improve. Especially now with that coming up. Did you see your uncle about any weapons?"

 "I got these," (y/n) said, flicking up his needles.

 Ryuko eyed the needles wrapped around (y/n)'s fingers. She frowned a bit but then recognized the same morph her scissor blade would do. "What are they?"

 "My aunt calls them Boukyaku and Meiyaku," (y/n) explained. "Oblivion and Oath. I don't know how they work but I bet someone you'll probably will face have something of the like."

 "You got a point," Ryuko said. "There's no telling what Satsuki might do. She's always making these games and somehow there's this new rule she sets up like out of nowhere...dumb b*tch just makes them up. Not this time. I'm going to be ready. So, after school, to the gym?"

 (Y/n) nodded. "Certainly."

 "Go Ryuko! No, (y/n)! No,, which one do I cheer for?" Mako asked, cuddling up next to Hirako who looked like he was going to have a fit any moment.

 "Mako!" he yelped.

 "We're not on teams or anything, Mako," (y/n) chuckled. "We're just here training for the annual Natural Election. It's going to be chaotic once we get to the seventh day. There's no need to know what that day might bring. Of course, if Ryuko is going to fight Satsuki again that is..."

 "And I'm going to be 100% ready," Ryuko said, pulling out the needle on her glove. Magical stars appeared all around her and she transformed into her Kamui.

 "There really needs to be an explanation for that one day," (y/n) muttered. It was an interesting outfit or costume or whatever the Kamui was suppose to just really amazed him how it was modeled out. Whoever the designer was must have had a thing for really making the wearer stand out "fully" sort of....or that designer was just a perv.

 "Hey, what's better, a more near skimpy outfit that worn out on me or something a bit more comfortable, still showy but I could wear and actually fight in?" Ryuko asked.

 "I take the latter," (y/n) said, shrugging.

 Ryuko flicked up her scissor blade, transforming it into its regular size. "Ok, so, since knowing that if Satsuki is going to try to come at me, she'll come out fast. I want you to come at me as fast as you can now. Try to hit me."

 (Y/n) frowned. "Hit you?"

 "Just try to. Don't worry. I'm going to practice on my dodging movements. I should be able to tell your actions before you even strike at me. Still, knowing Satsuki, do anything unpredictable so that way I'll know for sure how she'll come at me. Ok, you ready?"

 Ryuko clasped her hands on the scissor blades, ready to battle.

 (Y/n) gulped but took out his swords and morphed them to their size. He was sort of a bit afraid to tackle Ryuko a bit too hard as she might recoil and attack but there was no telling if this was something Satsuki might do to her. Or even the Elite Four if they would fight.

 Satsuki wasn't one to go ahead and go swords swiping at the enemy. No, she seemed the type to analyze the situation, search for her opponent's weak spots and attack there. If the enemy attempted to get her, she would dodge it and try to use the enemy's attack against them. She would be intelligent and skillful in battle. Ryuko needed to learn the same to fight back.

 Provided too that if she didn't face Satsuki first, who knew who she might go up against in the Elite Four. And what if he could stand alongside her...they could both get their answers...

 (Y/n) waved his swords a bit before diving straight at Ryuko. He slashed Boukyaku first toward her. Ryuko dodged it successfully and lashed out her scissor blade against it. A flash of sparks ignited between the blades. He brought down Meiyaku in heading from underneath but Ryuko took a step back and dodged that swipe. She hurled the scissor blade again and (y/n) slithered up Boukyaku to deflect it.

 Mako sat back, cheering on the two. "You can do it, Ryuko! Go, (y/n)!"

 It was Ryuko's turn now to hit again. She made a turn and did a spin, drawing the scissor blade at (y/n). (Y/n) ducked his head and brought up Meiyaku to take the side and Boukyaku to take the other. Ryuko belted out each slash and once more jumped forward.

 They took turns dancing with each other, one hitting, the other flinching, then attacking again, the swords flying around in the air. Soon, though, it got pretty competitive.

 It was like a fight between predators over a prey, to see which would get the prize. It was the same thing they wanted. Answers. Why were they left to deal with the consequences? How come they were only beaten down to demand replies they seek? If the high authority had so wanted to see their power, they were going to see it. They were done with the games.

 The swords clanged against each other as glints gleamed off of each other's crashing impact. Ryuko growled, determined to take down her prey. (Y/n) could feel the adrenaline in him pump to fight, an anger to her that he was just as powerful as she was.

 Something morphed into his body as his blood turned hot. His eyes flashed from (e/c) to another color. Then, he was gone.

 (Y/n) took a step back and felt his blood boil wildly. With the swirl of his blades, he swiped them up and suddenly, shot out a blast from each of them.

 "Whoa!" Ryuko said, bouncing away from the blast.

 (Y/n), however, took another dive and spun himself again. "Kaitengiri!" he shouted, twirling around with the blades. The blades swiped at Ryuko like a propeller.

 Ryuko backed away from the spun, waiting for the swirls to stop.

 (Y/n) stopped and felt himself spin a bit, dizzy from the swirl. His mind was still set on attacking Ryuko.

  With another slash, (y/n) growled and attempted to strike again. “Lunar Strike!” he hissed. Boukyaku and Meiyaku glowed as he brought the blades at Ryuko. Ryuko dodged them with each blow but started to have a bit of a difficulty as (y/n) was speedily swiping each set of the swords at her. Blue sparks flickered with each clash.

 Soon though, (y/n)’s energy drained out. He was getting weary, tired from all the fighting. He swiped at Ryuko again only to fall forward and crash down to the ground.

 He gasped, taking deep amounts of air into his lungs. He glanced up at Ryuko, seeing her a bit worried.

 “Are you ok?” she asked.

 (Y/n) nodded. He may have been tired but the fight…it was so accelerating! So thrilling. He wanted more of it. He wanted to win the battle and triumph in victory.

 Yet, part of him knew, he had to stop. Ryuko would even eventually tire from the battle. Or worse. If they couldn’t control their impulses, one of them might get really hurt.

 (Y/n) got up and stretched. “Well, that was a rush,” he said, smiling a bit.

 Ryuko grinned and chuckled. “Sorry if I ended up being a bit too fast and if my blade seemed to really cut down on yours…I just got the rush like you did.”

 “My bad mostly,” (y/n) admitted. “I mean, as much as you allowed me to you know…strike you, it’s my doing that I went a bit too hardcore…”

 “And with those new moves you were practicing, I could take some notes and make a similar assault on Satsuki.”

 “New moves?”

 “Lunar Strike? Kaitegiri? I’ve never heard of them before. Were you practicing them? Also, your swords shot out those blasts..”

 (Y/n) gulped. When did he do that? And his swords can do that? Still…he acted like he knew. He didn’t want her to freak out again.

 “Yeah, I’ve been working on them. I wanted to see if maybe you can mimic those and maybe try to ram it at Satsuki, you know? She probably won’t suspect you making those moves.” He said this as he rubbed the back of his head, a bit frightened.

 Ryuko seemed suspecting a bit but then shrugged. "Well, keep coming up with more. I might be able to take some inspiration and make my own. You don't mind if I try them out on you a bit right?"

 “Just as long as you don’t try to charge at me like you want to kill me,” (y/n) laughed.

 Ryuko nodded. “Yep.”

 As the Natural Elections drew near, the training became more brutal. Though, not in the blood spilled kind of way, but more fast and furious.

 It didn’t bother (y/n) as he knew Ryuko needed this training. Both her and him. They had discussed with each other on the possibilities of what that week might bring and especially considering what the last day will be. He even told her about Satsuki “telling” him she knew about his mother’s death…but not about her request to keep an eye on her.

 “I would be careful with that, sounds like she’s just trying to make this game harder,” she said. “Won’t surprise me if she’ll let you join me upon fighting her.”

 “And sadly, it’ll only be me or you to get the answers,” (y/n) sighed.

 “Not if we work together,” Ryuko said. “She can make us fight against each other, no doubt that will happen, but if we take a stand and not fight, she’ll have no choice but to take on us both.”

 “Unless she makes it happen. Who’s to say she’ll tweak the system?”

 “If that’s the case, we’ll draw our swords down and not fight until she comes down and attacks. She always plays dirty and now it’s time she got a taste of her own medicine. And for that, I’ll make her spill out what she knows about your mother.”

 (Y/n)’s eyes widen at that. “You’ll…really, Ryuko?”

 Ryuko nodded. “Hey, look, you might have been an a$$ in the beginning to which I could understand now considering the situation you were in but it doesn’t mean you should still go out like that…but now you’re paying it with training me…and for that, I’ll like to thank you with getting your answers as well.”

 He gasped, surprised at this. “You’ll….do that for me?”

 “Hey, you deserve your answers as much as I do. Whatever we got ourselves into…it’s time that the truth is told. I don’t know how your mother is involved in this with Satsuki ‘supposedly’ knowing but….as long as we stick together, we’ll be unstoppable.”

 “Mostly you,” (y/n) said.

 “Hey, you never know the day a normal clothing human can take down a Kamui?” Ryuko said.

 (Y/n) shook his head but then resumed to nodding. “Yeah. Who knows? Maybe all that Goku uniforms or Kamuis or whatever they wear…it’s just some sort of shield that protects them from us finding out…and once we strip it off, we’ll know for sure who the real them is.”

 Ryuko nodded and turned to him. “Sounds like that might be the answer.”

 (Y/n) shrugged. “Yeah.”

 His mind reflected back to what Satsuki said. About her promise of finding about his mother’s killer. But what if it was all a lie? What if she just said that to draw his strings about Ryuko? To make him turn on her?

 Pff. Obviously, if she tried to make him believe that Ryuko was his mother’s killer, he would burst out laughing. Still…there was uncertainty. Then again, how can it be when Ryuko was looking for her father’s killer?

 Was it regret? Redemption? Or actual revenge for seeking the killer to pay with his or her blood? It was just all ridiculous thinking that she would be it when this whole time she had her own issues to worry about.

 Then again…what if even Satsuki never knew the killers? What if this was nothing but all a game? Some sort of sick, twisted play field for this stuck up princess who owned the school with a literal iron fist. Why? Was it all just to please her?

 Questions rose in his head day and night. There were times even he wanted to back out on the fighting, just give up. Because he wasn’t going to play the game if he wasn’t going to get his answers.

 But what about Ryuko? He was indeed an a$$ in the beginning…yet he was redeeming himself by training her to defeat the one person with a link to the really didn't make all the better but it changed how he would be could he just turn away now when he was helping her to fight Satsuki…and she promised in turn to help with his quest.

 How would it even be fair to her if he signed that paper and reported in on Ryuko’s battle moves…no, but still…he was just unsure.

 He would indeed keep an eye on Ryuko but he wasn’t going to make her his enemy. No, she was an ally. Someone he could trust on. Someone he could rely and befriend. Someone that actually cared about what he felt and what he did.

 Since when did Satsuki all of a sudden cared? She wasn’t the one being in his class all day or actually took interest in knowing him more.

 He would have been just an experiment, an animal released into the wild to record its findings on its predator and bring it back to the higher one to demolish it.

 He wouldn’t do that to Ryuko. He wouldn’t.

 And these “blackouts” he was having….it was really worrying him. Since when did his swords blast out energy? Or when was he able to do those moves? He may have lied to her but it was to keep her from being worried just as much as he was...

 He wanted answers but nobody was there to give it to him. Just the strange dreams he was having. And the fact that he recalled why he was doing was all for mom.

 A woman that loved him and was taken away. Like Ryuko...even though she admitted she never really saw eye to eye still...that was her dad. That was his mom.

 (Y/n) stared at the sunset facing his window. The gleam of the sun glimmered its orange-pinkish rays at him, igniting his purpose for being here.

 He sighed and took a deep breath. He would be ready for the week. The week of the Natural Elections. And on that seventh day, the final showdown. Then, maybe all of his and her answers will be revealed.

 "Well, time to finally see the whole truth," (y/n) said to himself. He closed his eyes, waiting for the sun to fall, to rise again as he would then take no mercy in retrieving the info he wanted.

 Little did he know that a secret voice was whispering in his mind, a voice he couldn't hear but she was talking to herself as well. She would be pleased to see that the fire burning inside of him was lighting up, fueling him to a core of almost achieving finally come out of this wretched place and breathe in the air...

 "Yes, yes," she snickered. "Fulfill the purpose that I was meant to be. Let me come out of this shell and be one with you...I cannot wait for them to feel the wrath that we have...with our powers combined, they will learn what we'll be capable of!"

 Two little (e/c) appeared and howled into laughter.
And I really hope the wait was worth it!

Chapter 7:…


I am very sorry for you all to wait a long time like this...Mako Shock Icon I've been going through a lot lately and my writing has mostly been concentrated on Star Wars if some of you watch me. While I do get the fuel to write for Kill la Kill, sometimes, my mood just gets thrown off and I'm off writing for SW and such...but now, I've settled a really good list to concentrate on so now with this, it'll all be good.

So yeah, next chapter might be another wait, I'm not sure how long but with this list, it might be sooner than you think...

A special thanks to :iconsonic-speedsune-202: for the sword designs...I also really had a hard time with that...but like I said, swords can be in any design you want but if you have trouble here's what an interpretation I came up with drawn by him:…

Another thanks to :icona-guy-who-comments: for giving me some move ideas!

Hope you guys enjoy! Til next chapter! Mako 
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